The future of customer service is here

Customer service is a critical element for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 77% of the customers say valuing their time is the most important customer service factor because long hold time still remains the #1 reason for customer frustration. As expectations change, it’s important to maintain high quality customer experience while keeping costs down. The answer is Chatbots. Emergence of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence has made this possible. Chatbots can now understand the natural flow of a language and use its intelligence to respond. Find out how Leadermind can help you ride this futuristic wave.

Give your customers the convenience, satisfaction and service at their fingertips

E-commerce customers want an experience. They want convenience. They want service and they want it fast. 55% of the customers will abandon an online purchase if they can’t find quick answers. So how do we take care of this without allocating additional staff? The answer again is chatbots. Chatbots can understand the user’s intention and respond in a logical manner. They can make the user feel understood and helped, thus creating a certain rapport with the user. A recent study predicts that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interactions with their favorite brands without interacting with a human. Find out how Leadermind can help you achieve this.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Differentiating from competitors means brand loyalty and thus greater profits. The most important factor in customer effort. Customer experience will be the key brand differentiator in the future. It will outweigh price and product quality. Chatbots make this look easy. By using natural language processing, they reduce error rates associated with humans and improve customer engagement. They appeal to modern times, are time saving and easy to interact with. People will more likely discuss an informative, friendly chatbot than a website. Leadermind can help you stand out from the crowd.

Connect with your customers on the channels of today

From web interfaces, we moved to mobile. Now it's time for conversational or chat interfaces. The emergence of messenger applications has made this possible. Messenger platforms are more popular than social media sites. Facebook Messenger alone has 1.2 Billion active users. Chatbots are software programs or agents that converse through a chat interface. They provide natural and rich conversational experiences. Chatbots are just another contact in one's friend list. Find out how Leadermind can deliver you a chatbot with your very own brand personality.

Building a winning customer service team

Customer acts as a filter by answering common questions, thus freeing up the human staff to address the more elaborate requests. According to studies, the top reasons for customer service employee burnout are monotony, workload and lack of recognition. 80% of the customers enquiries are repetitive.Chatbots offer an affordable and scalable solution. They can generate leads, answer common questions and much more 24×7×365. An engaging chatbot can be a great promotional or marketing tool. Moreover, they can be leveraged to cross-sell, up-sell as well as make recommendations. Bots with a combination human can be an incredible value, especially for smaller companies. We promise, chatbots will enable you to provide live support just like the big companies while actually cutting down on customer service costs.

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