About Us

Customer service is becoming central to retailers’ efforts to secure market share. In an omni-channel world, businesses need to deliver the kinds of experiences that consumers want. This has to be driven by a customer service focused culture. At Leadermind, we understand retail and customer service better than most. We’re passionate about the ‘customer experience’. It’s what has driven us, inspired us and has become the core foundation of our business. There is a demand for a powerful and affordable customer experience solution and this is where we bring you our chatbots in a SaaS model, providing a consistent and stable experience for your customers.

Our Beliefs

Leadermind was created with the belief that chatbots will enable even the smallest of businesses to implement a customer service culture. Customer experience is now becoming a top priority for brands, outshining product quality as the competitive differentiator. While every sector of our daily life is
influenced by digital transformation, brands too, need to adapt or will be left behind. We believe customer engagement increases customer loyalty and satisfaction, creating unique and memorable experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations deliver outstanding customer experiences. Using AI, we will help you deliver a customer-centric commerce, boost customer satisfaction and demonstrate technology leadership. Our solution will offer personalized communication over multiple channels thus reaching
your customers on the platform of their choice.

Our Customers

Leadermind fuels small businesses across a broad range of industries. Running a small business can be overwhelming and it’s because of this, many small businesses choose to ignore the essential customer service function. Our solution ensures that delivering great customer service experience through technology is not just reserved for big businesses.

Our Promise

We promise to automate your customer service function in order to increase your profits and help you gain market share. Our bots are designed specifically to increase productivity, decrease costs, improve employee performance and enhance customer service efforts. Trust us with this essential business function so that you can get back to doing what you love – running your business. With us at your back, we assure that you will be able to compete with the big guys.